the biggest fuck you to every beyonce hate article written by a white feminist


Arundhati Roy (1990s)

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Tess Dimos by Nima Elm

im so chill im practically dead

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"Ok but can we smoke first?"

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Anonymous asked: Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do





if you can watch this entire video straight through you have the most iron fucking will on the actual planet, in the actual universe. you have gigantic balls of steel. i would not fuck with you. you could come in my house and slap my mom and take my cats and i would just let you. if you can watch all of this you scare the shit out of me

I legit just watched the whole thing and I’e never cringed so hard in my life AND I STARTED DYING WHEN HE SAID “YOU MEAN MORE TO ME THEN HOME DEPOT" like what

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My idea of date.


If you ever see me not reblogging zayn malik don’t worry i’m still thinking about him

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